About your Data and Updates

  • Our applications incorporate a local database that is only present on your device, if you delete the App you will lose all your data. Similarly, although we try to prevent this from happening, major updates to the App to offer you new features (changes from version 2.0 to 3.0) may lead to database incompatibilities with unexpected closures of the application after an update.

To avoid problems of data loss we recommend you:

  • Back up regularly and send them to your email. To do so, just go to "ExportCSV -> Backup -> Select backup -> Export.

  • For clinical studies keep your data in the Case Report Form as well as in the application.

To avoid unexpected shutdowns or functionality errors after an update:

  • We can help you solve unexpected application shutdowns or unwanted functionality due to database backward compatibility problems that arise when updating the application. Simply send us the backup and we will send you a file with your database optimized for the new version.

  • Keep your database organized. Delete any tests that have not been completed, empty subjects, protocols not assigned to any test, etc.

Technical Support

  • You can write us through chat or in our Facebook community to solve any problem.

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